Body balance and self healing

When balanced, the body can heal as intended

Our bodies have some remarkable self-healing capabilities that can help prevent and repair damage done to the body. One powerful strategy to enhance this ability for our bodies to self-heal is Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.

Within each of us, the central nervous system – comprising the brain and spinal cord, is a complex network of connections and activity controls all the functions within our bodies. This pathway, where brain signals are carried needs an uninterrupted flow for our bodies to work as designed.

When the spinal bones are improperly aligned, this causes a physical form of nerve stress that adversely impacts the body’s healing potential. We call this body imbalance. This imbalance, restricts passage of signals to and from the brain and whatever part of the body that does not get the full measure of signals from the brain, begin to suffer.

Poor posture impacts your health

Bad posture is a modern day health epidemic. Bad posture degrades the health of the spine and consequently leads to the degrading health of brain and organ function.

Forward head posture and loss of the natural neck curve (which we call the ‘arc of life’) are postural abnormalities that are often created by poor posture and various forms of trauma. A prolonged pattern of forward head posture adds up to 30 pounds of abnormal weight leverage and pulls the spinal cord out of alignment. We refer to this condition as body imbalance. So poor posture causes physical nerve stress that adversely impacts the body’s healing potential. This is body imbalance, and it leads to health problems.

Restoring body balance

Misalignment of the spine in any form is called subluxation. Three of the most dangerous forms of subluxation include losing the arc of life in the neck, forward head posture, and scoliosis of the spine. These are all forms of body imbalance. These and other health conditions are corrected by a re-balancing thru simple and effective chiropractic corrections, that restore the balance between body, brain and nervous system

Receiving frequent chiropractic adjustments helps to alleviate the built up pressure on the nervous system.

When the body is balanced, it is able to heal as it was intended.