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Revised Upper Cervical Patient Education DVD

Revised DVD Item No. 0099

An effortless and simple patient
education tool -
An effective way to educate Patients

The revised 43 slide DVD plays for 10 minutes on all TVs or computers with a DVD player then repeats in a continuous mode.

It was developed specifically for
Upper Cervical Doctors and primarily

 for the reception room.

Patients will put down the magazine
and watch the screen


Reception Room
Play in a continuous mode

Report of Findings
Pause and discuss

Rest and Relaxation Room
Plays on a continuous mode

Patient Education Talks
Pause and discuss with your patients

Mass Public Education
Play at events and public gatherings and make copies available.

Item No. 0099
Revised Upper Cervical Health Care DVD

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Daniel O. Clark, D.C. (702) 896-9228

“As a new patient, I struggled to grasp the concepts of upper cervical chiropractic until I saw this DVD in my doctor’s office. Not only did it help me learn how upper cervical corrections can help my health problems, but it also made a real impact on helping me understanding my doctor’s Report of Findings."

Thank you Doctor Clark.

Ann Marie B
San Francisco, CA



Click on any image above to see all of the slides in the DVD.



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