From the files of Dr. Clark: Patient friendly stories and messaging to share with patients.

A partnership for wellness
How three important factors contribute to a patient’s return to health.

Things upper cervical doctors do differently
Explained here, key differences between Upper Cervical chiropractic and full spine chiropractic.

A message to my chiropractor
I need to understand why my body and nervous system are not working in synch and how you plan to fix it.

Messages that resonate with patients
Drawing an analogy between nature and Upper Cervical care.

Patient education works
This story shows that a layman can understand what we do and help spread the word.

Stabilization and maintenance
Helping patients understand how the stabilization period works

Maintaining your Upper Cervical correction
Some tips for patients, how to help keep your fresh Upper Cervical correction and maintain body balance.

The doctor’s toolbox
Building a portfolio of brochures, booklets and illustrations.