Find an Upper Cervical Doctor

Use this list to find an Upper Cervical doctor by discipline within the United States. Want to be added to the list? Send us an email with the information you see on the list. Use the search button for additional US doctors and for Upper Cervical doctor listings worldwide. Update requests to the geography list are not available. 

When searching for the right Upper Cervical Chiropractor, a good place to start is with an understanding of the different techniques. We suggest first, before searching for a UC doc, familiarize yourself with the different disciplines in our UC reading section, under UC techniques explained. Armed with this information, finding the right one is matter of research. Read their website, get a feel for their practice, and make decisions informed by your own discovery. It is not uncommon to start with one doctor but later change to a different technique and more experienced doctor to find complete relief. Armed with knowledge, you the patient, are the best advocate for the care you need.
Atlas Orthogonal
Dr Rick Allen, Trout Lake, WA
Dr. Ryan Alter, Del Ray Beach, FL
Dr. Grayson Blom, Boise, ID
Dr. John S. Boccella, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Janine Crifasi, Sacramento, CA
Dr. Alan D. Cross, Tucson, AZ
Dr. Keith Crowe, Stockbridge, GA
Dr. Mark J. Freund, Lindenhurst, IL
Dr. Heather Geigert, Kent, WA
Dr. Gary Golembiewski, Park Ridge, NJ
Dr. Steve Goninan, Lawrenceville, GA
Dr. Dennis Harding, Auburn, CA
Dr. Brian Jenkins, Fair Oaks, CA
Dr. Jared Kohler, Seattle, WA
Dr. Keith Lavender, Dr. Jarman, Mesa, AZ
Dr. Kathryn Larson, Houston, TX
Dr. James Leonette, Bridgeport, WV
Dr. Terry Lynch, Charlottesville, VA
Dr. Bill Macchi, Raleigh, NC
Dr. Steve Milligan, Lafayette, CA
Dr. Brian K. Neidenthal, Dublin, OH
Dr. David Nygaard, Charlotte, NC
Dr. Debra Pavlovic, Lakeland, FL
Dr. Steve Racine , Winter Park, FL
Dr. Darryl Roundy, Dr. Angi DeCapp, University Place, WA
Dr. Saggau, Mankato, MN
Dr. Kim Sanders, Jacksonville, FL
Dr. Darci Stotts, San Angelo, TX
Dr. F. Rudy Watkins, Roswell, GA
Dr. Gregory J. Wiles, Gig Harbor, WA
Dr. Leslie Windman, Greenbelt, MD
Dr. Maureen Work, Clemmons, NC
Drs. Margaret & Dr. George Banitch, , Montclair, NJ
Dr. Grayson Blom, Boise, ID
Dr. Michael Burcon, Grand Rapids, MI
Dr. Noelle Casses-Williams, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Gordon Elder, West Lancaster, CA
Dr. Arthur Fielder, Santa Monica, CA
Dr. Clifford Fisher, Sparks, NV
Dr. Thomas Forest, Pleasanton, CA
Dr. Scott Glocke, Yarmouth, ME
Dr. Susan Hooper, Marietta, GA
Dr. Lenarz, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Dr. Benjamin M. Locklear, Mangum, OK
Dr. Nicole Lopez, Camarillo, CA
Dr. Pierce, Dr. Ringstad, El Dorado Hills, CA
Dr. White, Kirkland, WA
Dr. Robert Arnone, St Charles, MO
Dr. Clark E. Benson, Schaumburg, IL
Dr. Grayson Blom, Boise, ID
Dr. Rob Borer & Dr. Sherri Borer, Saline, MI
Dr. Camacho, Tucson, AZ
Dr. Martina Carlini, Dr. David Radziercz, Pittsburg, PA
Dr. Christopher Cerrato, Norwalk, CT
Dr. Remi Champagne, Nelson, BC, Canada
Dr. Richard Doble, Jr., Sebastopol, CA
Duff Chiropractic, Santa Rosa and Novato, CA
Dr. Erin Elster, Kahului, Maui, HI
Dr. Goodfellow, Chicago, IL
Dr. Mike Headlee, Bemidji, MN
Dr. Henderson, Parkville, MD
Drs. Jeremy & Amanda Hess, Stockbridge, GA
Dr. Barry Hobbs, Westland, MI
Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson, Faribault, MN
Dr. Frank Iulianelli, Lake Orion, MI
Dr. Gerald Kennedy, Belleville, IL
Dr. J.J. Levine, Tempe, AZ
Dr. Tron Malachowski, Summerville, SC
Dr. Brad McHenry, Tampa, FL
Dr. Eugene Packer, North Easton, MA
Dr. Leslie Quiram, Bloomington, IL Dr. Donald Hamrick, Midland, MI
Drs. Steven and Melanie Snow Dr. Donald Hamrick, Midland, MI
Dr. Jeremy Subadya, New York, NY
Dr. Adam R. Tanase, St. Louis, MO
Dr. Joshua Tonnies, St. Louis, MO
Dr. Greg Trentacosta, Wayne, NJ,
Dr. Edward Weller, Schaumburg, IL
Dr. John S. Williams, Atlanta, GA
Dr. Jon J. Ferguson, Rockville, IN
Timothy Peterson, Ronald Peterson, Bloomer, WI
Dr. Ken Bennett, Chicago, IL
Dr. Robert Brooks, Dr. Scott Hanson, Tulsa, OK
Dr. Justin Brown, Coral Springs, FL
Dr. Tom Bryant, Northbrook, IL
Dr. Michael T. Burcon, Grand Rapids, MI
Dr. Young H. Chung, Chicago, IL
Dr. Shannon Connor, Newport Beach, CA
Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea, Wakima, WA
Dr. Harold Culver, Marlow, OK
Dr. Alison Bramer Cummings, Amherst, NY
Dr. Natalie Dabrowny, Rochester, NY
Dr. Craig Dawson, Draper, UT
Dr. Marshall Dickholtz Jr., Northbrook, IL
Dr. Marshall Dickholtz Sr., Chicago, IL
Dr. Aaron Erhardt, Woodbury, MN
Dr. Timothy Flory, Upland, CA
Dr. Michael Foran, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Dr. Ben and Dr. Monica Franz , Simpsonville, SC
Dr. Jeanie Froman-Bohall, Jacksonville, FL
Dr. George Gertner, White Plains, NY
Dr. Hutan Ghojallu, Mequon, WI
Dr. Greg Goffe, Dayton, OH
Dr. Robert Goodman, Henderson, NV
Dr. Brett Gottlieb, Fair Oaks, CA
Dr. Paul Gurney, Aspen, CO
Dr. Gordon Hasick, Dr. Janet Major, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Brad Hirschhorn, Jenkintown, PA
Dr. Johanna Hoeller, Seattle, WA
Dr. Sloan Hunter, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Wontaek Hwang, Wheeling, IL
Dr. Kerry Johnson, Apple Valley, MN
Dr. Sarah Johnson, Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter, St. Charles, IL
Dr. Wendy Lanser, Dr. Lisa O’Connor, Sunnyvale, CA
Dr. Jeff Leach, Plymouth, MN
Dr. Jack Lynady, Orlando, FL
Dr. Jason Minogue, Houston, TX
Dr. Rick R. Nash, Mandeville, LA
Dr. Douglas Paul, Columbus, OH
Dr. Michael Polsinelli, Willoughby Hills, OH
Dr. Andrea Pritchett, Dublin, CA
Dr. Andrea Pritchett, Dublin, CA
Dr. Travis Rader, Plano, TX
Drs. Ray & Mary Marshall, Tulsa, OK
Dr. Justin Schallmann, Redmond, WA
Dr. Philip Schalow, Rockford, IL
Dr. Blair Schmaus, Dr. Kevin Creswell, Dr. Robin Browne, Dr. Aurora Ongaro, Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Dr. Jeffrey Scholten, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Kurt Sherwood, Renton, WA
Dr. Elan Schrier, Delray Beach, FL
Dr. Kalan Stittleburg, Altoonah, WI
Dr. Jack Stockwell, UT
Dr. Joshua Stockwell, Draper, UT
Dr. Ashleigh Street, Orem, UT
Dr. Tim Strittmatter, Greensburg, PA
Dr. Laura Swingen, Portland, OR
Dr. Cindy Toner, Dr. Jason Plotsky, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dr. Conrad L. Trapp, Broken Arrow, OK
Dr. Pete Tsiglieris, Belmont, CA
Dr. Albert Comey, Largo, FL
Dr. Greg Dutson, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Humber, Dr. Parkerson, Dr. Neal, Smyrna, GA
Dr. Andrew Latanishen, Ephrata, PA
Dr. Johnathan Oliver, Columbus, OH
Dr Jim Strunk, Apex, NC
Dr. Studley, Murphy, NC
Dr. Max Waddell, Keller, TX