Patient education really works

We wanted to share with you this newsletter story from about this time last year, it’s message is so clear and so important.

This story speaks volumes on the benefit of patient education. This story shows that a layman can understand what we do, how effective it is, and can help spread the word to peers and families. With more stories like this, our work gets easier.

Read on, and we hope you’ll use the opportunity of this message to check out our custom crafted education materials and illustrations

Bless you for the work you do.

The family of Dr. Daniel O. Clark

We’ve long preached how important it is to communicate with your patients about the benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic – in terms that they can understand. We’ve said it many times, when patients understand what you do, and why – and when they get results from your skilled upper cervical corrections, they become advocates and promoters of your practice – and send referrals your way. Word of mouth is always the best way to gain new patients!


Here’s a fresh example of how impactful patient eduction can be to a patient and their family.


Vian, Oklahoma


A family from Vian, Oklahoma was moved by what they learned from our simplified patient education materials, and so grateful for their good health – made possible by their local Upper Cervical Doctor, they had to find a unique way to spread the word.

And did they ever find a way to spread the word.

One of their children made the explanation of Upper Cervical Chiropractic corrections and the concept of body balance and body imbalance the topic of their high school science project!

They used Dr. Clark’s patient education materials to explain how Upper Cervical Chiropractors identify and correct Atlas Subluxation. An amazing job. Here’s a preview picture of their science fair display. The only thing missing is on the left most panel, they have yet to cut out a hole to mount an iPad that will be running one of Dr. Clark’s DVDs – just like the one running in the waiting room monitor at their local UC doctor’s office.

We are simply blown away.


Everyone in Vian, Oklahoma now has the local Upper Cervical chiropractor on their mind….