Messages that resonate with patients

TreeWe’ve long said that a single idea can help build a successful Upper Cervical Practice. And, we’ve honed our messages over the years and shared them with you.

This message is not new, but is likely is new to our patients, especially those that find us via word of mouth, local advertising, open house hours at our offices, or when we have the opportunity to address groups of people with our message that body balance is the key to sustained good health.

Drawing an analogy between nature and Upper Cervical care

When we communicate with current and future patients, we have learned that using content and images familiar and comfortable to them goes a long way in our goal of helping them understand the benefit we provide with Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

Our booklets, pamphlets and illustrations go a long way to help toward our goal, but having materials at hand is not always an option. Having an illustrative analogy to draw from can help with your messaging.

This is one we particularly like, it inspired our logo. If you find it useful, share with your patients in your newsletters and on your Facebook page.

Your Nervous System is Like a Tree

Native American peoples believe that trees are part of the earth’s nervous system (paraphrasing here), and its a good way to help
understanding how the relationship between trees and roots is so very similar to the relationship between the brain, the spinal cord and the nervous systems that regulate all we do. We talk of body balance, much in the way Native American’s do when they refer to being in harmony with nature. When our bodies are in balance, as when a tree’s root system is healthy, we flourish.

Six similarities

  1. Just like a tree has three main parts: a crown, a trunk, and a root system, so does our nervous system; a brain, a spinal cord, and all the
    nerves that go to and from your spinal cord to the rest of your body.
  2. As a tree sends water and nutrients from the roots to the crown and vice versa, we send messages from our brains to the rest of our body – and in reverse, our bodies send messages back to our brains.
  3. As tree roots begin as small individual roots spread over a wide area, our nervous system begins as individual cells called neurons that are spread all throughout your body.
  4. As small roots of a tree join together into bigger and bigger roots as they get closer to the trunk, our neurons join together into bigger and bigger bundles, called nerves, as they get closer to the spinal cord.
  5. As all the roots of the tree join to form the trunk, our nerves join together into a “trunk of sorts, he spinal cord.
  6. And, just like the branches of a tree split off the trunk and spread out throughout the crown, our nerves diverge again at the top end of your spinal cord and spread throughout your brain.

The Big Difference

We are not trees. In trees, the branches don’t connect to each other. In us, the different and varied parts of the brain are VERY interconnected. This allows your brain to integrate many different pieces of information, transmit many different types of messages and control so many critical functions.

As with trees if there is interference among the branches, or at the root level – that interference radiates out to other parts of the tree.
We are like that in so many ways.

If there is an external injury, that injury can have far reaching impact on many other body systems. If in turn, the injury is internal,
impacting the connectivity of neurons to nerves, for example, then the same result is possible, with many other body systems being effected.

As Upper Cervical Chiropractors we’ve learned how to help the body heal by keeping all parts of the body in balance together.

We do this in a simple and non-intrusive manner that does not involve manipulating, painful methods. In fact, our technique is quite the
opposite; a shock free, painless, gentle movement and alignment technique that restores and unblocks passageways to allow braining
messages to flow freely throughout the body – and THAT, naturally and safely, restores healing and health across all areas of our bodies.

This is what we do, this is how we help our patients every day of our lives. This is what makes us unique.

We are passionate advocates of simplified terminology, because we know the power of words. If your patients can describe to others what you do and the benefit of that work in their lives, they will draw new patients to your practice.