Use common sense to maintain your Upper Cervical Alignment Correction to prevent any interruption in the body’s natural self healing process.

Maintaining your Upper Cervical correction

Feel free to

  • Use your neck and head in the normal range of motion
  • Use your legs when lifting heavy objects, keeping your back as straight as possible
  • Avoid strenuous activity
  • Sleep on your back or side
  • Have your doctor check your body balance and alignment periodically

Try to avoid

  • Sleeping on your stomach
  • Using your head to raise or turn your body
  • Holding the phone nestled between your head and shoulders
  • Reaching or straining
  • Jerking or turning your head rapidly

Also keep in mind…

  • Twisting and turning your head too far, rolling your head, or tilting it too far backwards will not help maintain your correction.
  • Do not let anyone pull, twist, or crack your neck. It could alter your correction formula.
  • Along with proper exercise, nutrition, and rest, we want to increase the quality of your life as much as your body and common sense will allow.
  • If you fail to maintain your alignment correction, re-visit your Upper Cervical Doctor to restore the body’s natural self-healing process.